19 October 2008


I just like the atmosphere and tempo of this song...Not to mention, Kid Rock's killer stare and sexy voice.

20 September 2008

You Can Never Bend a "Travelling Bullet"

Stand tall
Hold your 9mm pistol
Trigger finger out
Position your body
Knees slightly bend
Extend both arms, holding the gun
Aim for the target, center of the body mass
Pull the trigger
Slack, slack, slack

04 September 2008


Finally, after a long hiatus...I am talking again.

There have been some changes lately about my attitude towards keeping goals, shifting priorities, own happiness vs. other people's happiness, and the serenity in acceptance - that life is short (and sometimes uncooperative) for me to attain my long list of what-i-want-to-do-with-my-life.

Now is the time to reconsider other people's advices.

Now, I've reached to that realization that too much idealism can lead you to frustration...that you cannot have both worlds at the same time. Now, I am only "doing" - and not "expecting" anymore. Just believing on what I am doing.

I am taking quite a leap now...one at a time.

I finally succumed to the thought that I need to watch my diet and kick my butt towards the gym. It's a gamble - whether I can truly shred out this stubborn fats or not cos I am meant to be like this forever. I am now spending everyday at least 60-min non-stop on the Cross Trainer. A friend of mine once told me that it's not good to over-workout the body because it will sometimes lead to a mental disorder. Hehehe. Whatever!

I am finally (and seriously) considering to leave my present job within this year until next year. This thought badly hurts. I have one of the world's exciting jobs (enough to leave me every day fulfilled), but not enough to financially compensate and sustain my other goals and those people who rely on me for support. Leaving this job means giving my back on a career that I once dreamed of.

I am finally delimiting my goals - making it practical and realistically attainable. And while I am now taking steps to realize these goals...it scares the shit out of me. Suddenly, I become nostalgic and starting missing what is, afterall, un-missed.

Am I making the right choices? Do I have enough guts to explore by myself a bigger world -to a path of uncertainty?

**and so I pray**

26 March 2008

The Saga of the Original Sin

An ordinary day...
Sun so bright and air so fresh

A good siesta is all there is Adrift in dreams
Hanging well in the wonderland.

27 February 2008


That lady sitting at her favorate spot...

She is lost in her thoughts yet she looks serene and calm.
She finds her home but wants to go out and travel the world.
She is surrounded by love yet she feels short of it.
She is careful in her decisions yet careless in her actions.
She appears strong yet she is weak in every corner of her being.
She is old yet she giggles and jumps with glee like a child.
She is a dreamer yet she does not leap high.
She is lonely yet she finds no reason why.

And here I am, also sitting at my favorate spot looking at that lady....
And I ask....
Will it be a sin to ask heaven for her to be simply happy?

14 January 2008


Diri sa gawas sa among balay
Naghangad-hangad ako,
Gitutokan, gi-storyahan
Ang mga bituon nga walay libog.
Gipa-ngutana nako sila---

Unsa ang ilang makasulti
Kabahin nako
Nga nag hangad-hangad karon sa langit?

Kung ila bang nabasahan
Ang sulod sa akong huna-huna
Sa mga matag gabii nga mopauli ko sa amoa?

Kung ila bang nasabtan
Ang mga nag dagan-dagan sa akong huna-huna karon?
Kay ako mismo wala kahibaw
Kung unsa dyud akong gustong buhaton.

…Samtang nagpaabot ko sa ilang mga tubag
Magpabilin kong nagtutok sa mga bituon
Kay sila ra ang nakahibaw,
Kay sila ra ang nakakita.